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For only £8 a year,

over a period of five (5) years. Such amount will ensure your tree reaching maturity and, from then on, providing the farmer with a steady income. An added bonus will be that you will (by e-mail) be informed, at regular intervals, about the tree's progress as well as that of the farmer and his family, village, tribe, and any other relevant information.

Your help will enable a participating farmer and his family to survive the time it takes for a pomegranate sapling to turn into a mature, fruit bearing tree. Given the circumstances in present day Afghanistan, this does not mean these people will just sit and wait for the tree to do the work. Much will have to be done in that period to ensure the viability of pomegranates, and associated products, as a long term, profitable cash crop.

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Or donate as many trees as you like

You can give any amount you are comfortable with, and be assured that whatever the amount, it will be put to good use in the planting of pomegranate trees in Afghanistan.

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Or help us improve infra structure

As in any endeavour, aimed at viability and long term sustainability, infrastructure is a crucial factor. The natural pomegranate fruit needs proper storage facilities if optimal returns are to be obtained. To provide such facilities locally is an important part of POM354's efforts.

Another essential ingredient is to develop a local capability to process any or all of the orchards'yields.

There are many applications for products derived from this extremely versatile fruit. Worldwide demand for many of these products is steadily increasing, making it more than worthwhile to process them locally.

Within the context of POM354, extensive research, and in some instances initial product development, has been done by its initiator, Mr. James Brett, and others to test viability, demand, and pricing of pomegranate related products.

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