Show you care by adding pom 354 to your products

This POM354 logo on the products of companies and organisations, signifies their commitment to help us do our work in Afghanistan.

We have various options of Endorsement whether it be a one off donation, sponsorship of our fundraising events or an ongoing endorsement package.

Realising that Heroin abuse and all of its associated dysfunctionality affects each and everyone of us in our own communities, and that the problem is widespread internationally, POM354 offers this symbolic endorsement logo of association:

By carrying the POM354 endorsement logo of association on their products, companies, organisations and celebrities can show their support for their own communities by reducing the amount of Heroin produced in Afghanistan.

Through a small donation, they will help to sustain the farmers of Afghanistan during their conversion to POM354, the viable Alternative Livelihood.

Put your mark on the World, with the POM354 logo on your brand, product or business.

If you support POM354 and would like your customers or clients to join you in supporting POM354 please contact us.

One of our endorsers

Alibi - Active PRETOX Drink

Alibi is the world's first active PRETOX drink. With a powerful mix of vitamins, herbal extracts, amino acids and natural Californian Grapefruit and Tuscan Lime, Alibi prepares your body for everything the world, and you, can throw at it.

To celebrate the association with POM354, Alibi has developed a pomegranate flavour of their drink. For every can sold 5p will be donated to POM354.

Below is an extract from an article in the
Times Online Business section, Monday January 5th 2009

"New drinks launches are not normally my bag, but when I got a press release declaring “New pomegranate drink aims to reduce world heroin” I thought it was worth a read. It seems that Alibi, which claims to be the world's first pretox drink ... has launched a pomegranate-flavoured variant and signed a partnership with POM354, a campaign which persuades farmers in Afghanistan to replant opium poppy fields with pomegranates. All very worthy ..."

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