Mum shares look at new wallpaper – then realises she’s made embarrassing error

When completing a task around the house, be it a DIY project or a bit of cleaning, it’s nice to be told you’ve done a good job.

One woman was feeling pretty pleased with herself after putting up some grey sparkly damask pattern wallpaper in her pad and decided to show off her fancy new wall to her nearest and dearest.

However the pride she felt was quickly squashed as someone told her it didn’t look right and she began to wonder if she’d made an embarrassing error when applying the paper.

To resolve the matter once and for all, she asked people on Facebook to have their say, posting a snap of it and asking: “Can anyone settle a debate is this the right way or are the flowers hanging on the stem upside down?”

People were quick to respond and point out the mum had in fact done it wrong. Whoops!

Some were cruel with their comments, mocking her for the mistake.

One person wrote: “I’m pretty sure you’d know because of how the paper falls off the roll?? It’s not rocket science.”

Another said: “It’s wrong. It’s upside down. The wallpaper would really look stunning if installed correctly.”

A third replied: “How could you even possibly put it up upside down.”

A different user shared a screenshot from the website, I Love Wallpaper, which clearly shows that the flowers were meant to point up, instead of down.

Despite this, others encouraged the mum to be different and some even thought her way looked better than the correct version.

“It’s upside down but flowers do hang down be different and enjoy,” commented someone else.

A second added: “I prefer it the way you have it, they look like fuchsias or passion flowers which tend to hang their heads down.”

A third agreed: “Looks right to me. The other way looks off.”

Either way, we still think she should be proud of her hard work!